Food Processing Industry

Heritage Foods India Limited, Hyderabad

Detailed assessment of fruit and vegetable supply chains in select districts prior to planning the feasibility for setting up modern packhouses, ripening centers and cold stores in 2 districts. Services included feasibility studies and DPR, design, planning, procurement and supervision services.

Certificate of completion - Heritage Foods
Certificate of completion - Heritage Foods

National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, Sonepat Haryana

Provided DPR, design and tendering, training and commissioning of food laboratories in NIFTEM for education, incubation and industry R&D services.

Food Parks

Voyants Solutions Pvt Ltd, Gabon

Conducted a Techno-Economic Feasibility and International Benchmarking for setting up of 50,000 Hectares Food and Agriculture SEZ at Franceville, Gabon.

Certificate of completion - Gabon
Certificate of completion - Gabon

Dehsaz Barikab City Development Authority, Afghanistan

Feasibility Study for setting up food production center and cold chain + silos on a single contiguous land with dedicated irrigation and water storage facilities in Barikab Agri Economic Zone, Afghanistan.

Certificate of completion - Barikab
Certificate of completion - Barikab

Universal Empire Group, Uganda

Conducted a feasibility planning for setting up multisectoral food park and storage infrastructure in the Jinje/Entebbe Region of Uganda.

Certificate of Completion -Uganda Food Park
Certificate of Completion -Uganda Food Park

Saffron Park, National Horticulture Board, Jammu & Kashmir

Provided DPR, architectural design, tenders and assistance in tendering and supervision for setting up world first Saffron Park with facilities for farmers and growers to process crocus into Saffron. Facilities include grading, sorting, drying, packaging, and auction.

Trade Mark East Africa, Tanzania

Conducted a Techno-Economic Feasibility Study for development of Food Processing Industrial Parks in Tanzania.

TMEA Reference Letter for Global Agrisystem PVT Ltd-1

MITS Mega Food Park Ltd, Bhubaneswar, India

Provided a DPR and PMC for setting up Orissa’s first Mega Food Park in an ITDP area. This Mega Food Park is being developed as per MoFPI guidelines to include common facilities and private processing.

Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Kenya

Detailed project report to guide the establishment and implementation of Agro Food Parks in Kenya in association with Voyants Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Supply Chain Operations

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), New Delhi

Techno-Economic feasibility study on post-harvest management for horticulture in Jammu & Kashmir.

Certifcation of Completer - APEDA
Certifcation of Completer - APEDA
NEC India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Techno-Economic feasibility study on Strawberry cultivation under Greenhouses. This also included detailed market study of Strawberries in India.

Certificate of completion - NEC
Certificate of completion - NEC
International Finance Corporation (IFC), Delhi

Diagnostic Study of Supply-Chain Of client’s Sugar Business in Ajbapur, Central Uttar Pradesh, India.

Certificate of completion - IFC
Certificate of completion - IFC
Group Tomota, Bamako, Republic of Mali

Provided Project Management Consultancy for Oilseed & Horticultural Production in Mali.

Tomota - Testimonial
Groupe Tomota, Mali

Cold Chain Development

Central Warehousing Corporation, New Delhi

Conducted a detailed Techno-Economic Feasibility study for post-harvest supply chain infrastructure.

Certificate of completion - CWC
Certificate of completion - CWC

H.P. Horticulture Produce Marketing & Processing Corporation Limited, Shimla

Assignment for up-gradation of existing CA Stores at Oddi, Rohru, and PatliKuhl.

HPMC, Ltd India

Samsung Asia Ptv. Limited, Singapore

Detailed project report for cold chain development in India.