Career @ Global AgriSystem

Global AgriSystem is a consultancy firm dedicated to the agriculture and food sector, which employs multi-functional team of experts. We are dedicated to providing high-level consulting services across the value chain in the agribusiness and food industry.

We offer a variety of rewarding careers and working with us will provide you insight to multi dimensional aspects of this industry.

Working with top notch agribusiness professionals, Global AgriSystem will be a gateway to your quality career.

Current Openings:

     1. Deputy General Manager

     2. Task Manager (3 year fixed contract)

     3. HR Management Coordinators (3 year fixed contract)

     4. Senior Management Executive (3 year fixed contract)

     5. Senior Accounts Executive (3 year fixed contract)

     6. IT Executive - RL (3 year fixed contract)

     7. IT Executive - Skills (3 year fixed contract)

     8. Management Executives (3 year fixed contract)

     9. Administrative Assistant (3 year fixed contract)

     10. Team Leader (Agri-Business)

     11. Agri-Business Expert

     12. Agri Marketing Expert

     13. Finance Expert

     14. Unit Manager



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